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Purchase Subsription

Subscriptions are purchases that expire (or sometimes auto-renew) after a set perior of time. You should track when the subscription was purchased, when it expires, or read this information from the existing purchases. They follow the same work flow as a normal Non-Consumable.

Each app store calls them something slightly different:

All purchases go through the PurchaseAsync method and you must always ConnectAsync before making calls and DisconnectAsync after making calls:

/// <summary>
/// Purchase a specific product or subscription
/// </summary>
/// <param name="productId">Sku or ID of product</param>
/// <param name="itemType">Type of product being requested</param>
/// <param name="payload">Developer specific payload (can not be null)</param>
/// <param name="verifyPurchase">Verify Purchase implementation</param>
/// <returns>Purchase details</returns>
/// <exception cref="InAppBillingPurchaseException">If an error occures during processing</exception>
Task<InAppBillingPurchase> PurchaseAsync(string productId, ItemType itemType, string payload, IInAppBillingVerifyPurchase verifyPurchase = null);

The payload attribute is a special payload that is sent and then returned from the server for additional validation. It can be whatever you want it to be, but should be a constant that is used anywhere the payload is used.


public async Task<bool> PurchaseItem(string productId, string payload)
    var billing = CrossInAppBilling.Current;
        var connected = await billing.ConnectAsync(ItemType.Subscription);
        if (!connected)
            //we are offline or can't connect, don't try to purchase
            return false;

        //check purchases
        var purchase = await billing.PurchaseAsync(productId, ItemType.Subscription, payload);

        //possibility that a null came through.
        if(purchase == null)
            //did not purchase
    catch (InAppBillingPurchaseException purchaseEx)
        //Billing Exception handle this based on the type
        Debug.WriteLine("Error: " + purchaseEx);
    catch (Exception ex)
        //Something else has gone wrong, log it
        Debug.WriteLine("Issue connecting: " + ex);
        await billing.DisconnectAsync();

Learn more about IInAppBillingVerifyPurchase in the Securing Purchases documentation.

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